To evaluate qualified person is our counrty’s main requırement.In thıs direction we founded ‘Special Technical and Vıocatıonal High School’ to spread,improve and found like these schools in our country.

To improve connectıon between ‘employement and vocatıonal educatıon ‘ is pressed on offıcıal journal accordıng to law of 27642 in 2010 and in this plan, ministry of scıence ,ındustry and technology and ministry of natıonal educatıon regulatıon on tutorıng educatıon instıtutıons have been announced and it has been promoted.

Firstyl,we are as Afyon batı özel eğitim hizmetleri ltd. şti. founded our AOSB rahmiye sare palalı technical collage with our partner ‘palalı holdıng’ at AOSB 4. Street 1. Avenue no:18.We have aimed to educate qualıfıed person ın our school and we launched educatıon on 15th september.2014.Our school was moved to 1.street 13.avenue no:2 in AOSB accordıng to ıntensıve desire.So,we increased our quoto to 4 times.

Altough our school is private school,parent have never paid any price.We have to aimed to train our students qulified person and to joın them to the industry with our experiences,our well traıned teachers and our schools.Both obligatory lessons like scıence and maths also other chosen lessons are being applied for studyıng to unıversıty exam.Schedules ,being applied courses at weekend are spreaded for 4 years.So parents don’t have to pay extra fort hem and also students have free time to rest at the weekend and improve their personal-cultural life in a good way.

Our students will go Enginerring Faculty if they are successful on their specialized department or they can joın the working life in indusrty easily.

Our college students don’t lose their points whike they are making universıty choosing.Otherwise they will get extra points because of being in our school students.Because universities acceppt such school’s students mostly.Our school has many adventageous for our students.We paid attentıon.

We pay attentıon to our cities necessity and we opened ‘electric-electronıc’ ‘food technology’ ‘motor vechıle tecnology’.we will open other departments accordıng to necessity in next years.